Breathless in Bolivia

_MG_8447 _MG_8587It was sheer coincidence that I went to Bolivia – I took a map, looked at what I could reach from San Pedro de Atacama, heard about a „Uyuni Tour“, had only a vague idea that there was a salt lake, and decided to travel to Peru through Boliva, via Uyuni. At the end I can only say: Wow! Get thee to Bolivia! Literally breathtaking landscapes 4000 – 5000 metres high, a feast for eye and camera, amongst the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. I kindly tried to limit the photos, even though it was difficult, you’ll be happy to know that you only get to see a few photos of selected areas between San Pedro and Uyuni.

1. Day – Lagunes, Geysers & Flamingos (and also a beautiful star-studded night sky, but altitude sickness had got the better of me):











2. Day – more lagunes, a stone tree & a cloudy sky













3. Day – Salar de Uyuni – the largest salt lake in the world and name sake of our tour. Fantastic. Our driver didn’t want to leave at 4am to see the sunrise (“all full of clouds, no sense”), but we staged a mini revolt and were rewarded.















And a few more flamingos:


4 responses to “Breathless in Bolivia

  1. WOW again! Stunning photos! I wanna go! Not sure if I can leave Ecuador without losing my visa. Am going up to the north coast for a few weeks. Think we should prob connect here when you get here!

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