An “Easy” Journey to Junbesi – Part 4

DSC01911The Fourth Day

The sleep after all that effort was not as well as expected, probably because of the rapid increase in altitude, hardly any of us sleeps much. After an early breakfast we leave for Junbesi. The climb down is steep again, the mountains beautiful. I am very happy that my journey ends in Junbesi. My trials have not made me a committed walker. I wasn’t a sporty child, I am not a sporty adult, I know fitness studios more from the monthly debits from my bank account than from actually being there; I rather meet good company in nice restaurants, and that won’t change. Short walks yes, big exertion no. I look at the steep way down, which I do not want to climb up again.

First view - Junbesi

First view – Junbesi

After tea breaks we finally reach Junbesi at noon – done – hallelujah! My lodge is nice, does not have an attached bathroom – no lodge here has this – but at least a Western style toilet two doors down, and a hot shower in a concret room on the ground floor – again hallelujah, sometimes it’s little things that can bring happiness. My room is spacious and light with three beds, one of which becomes my wardrobe and one my desk, the landlord kindly installs an electric outlet, just for me.IMG_1455I say good-bye to my new friends who continue on to their next destination – Barry, Gwyn, Harry, Jay and Mike, the Fates have brought you to that spot on that day and that hour, without you I would never have made it, and quite apart from that it was fun with you!DSC01928In the meantime I’ve heard that there would have been another way to Junbesi – a Jeep from Kathmandu to Salleri and Salleri to Junbesi, a journey of more that 20 hours in total and double the price of a bus, but: NO WALKING! Hallelujah! The way back is clear. And I find it a wee bit ironic that my porter, a real Sherpa, has also chosen to take this way back…

3 responses to “An “Easy” Journey to Junbesi – Part 4

  1. So glad you made it Gudrun! Your place with wardrobe, office and bath, sounds quite lux, after the trip over the mountains. And new friends, too. You’re doing great, and keeping us all entertained along the way!

    • Yes, if ONLY it would be warmer here, it’s absolutely freezing and the monsoon is pouring down every day (should be the pre-monsoon season, but I don’t think the monsoon knows that). I am just so scared that the road out here will be unpassable for the Jeep if this continues, and I have to walk again after all… So glad you were unhurt in the robbery in Spain! Dreadful experience. Hope the remainder of your journey will be happy!

  2. Hurray, you made it!

    The room looks nice and comfortable and you have quickly adapted it to your needs.

    Delighted to hear about the jeep option. At the back of my mind I was worried that once the elatation subsided you would realise you have to do it all again in reverse. But a mere 20 hour jeep ride? …. pah – a piece of cake for the intrepid Viking!

    Take care,
    (back in London … after a short vacation to Munich)

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