Hello Malaysia!

Welcome to Malaysia

Happy New Year to you all! I’ve now safely reached Kuala Lumpur (together with an astonishing 40 kilos of luggage,
including my hand luggage!), after my mother and dear friends waived me off in Frankfurt.

Goodbye copy

It’s a pretty humid 26 degrees C, but the roof top terrace on the apartment building lessens the pain somewhat :-D.

Rooftop Pool Room

Holiday Villas copy

For my first lunch, I just followed a group of natives, hoping they’d know what they were doing – the result tasted better than it looks on the photo…

Erster Lunch copy

Erstes Restaurant

Other first impressions: Crossing streets at traffic lights is funny, IF you can run:

And some more pictures of the first day:

KL Panorama Petronas Towers copy Tempel in KL copy Tempeldetail copy Gebet

Until all is uploaded, I’ll have been up and about for 32 hours, and it’s time for a good rest now. Also, the bl..dy text formatting refuses to work, and my brain is stopping to function – I’ll sort it tomorrow. I wish you all a relaxed day!

6 responses to “Hello Malaysia!

  1. Hahaha crossing the street looks like a great way to keep fit!! Glad you arrived safe and sound 🙂

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