Waltzing with Matilda

_MG_3899Hello from Down Under – I’ve finally reached the continent of cangaroos, wombats and Aussies. Unfortunately, I’ve mainly seen the first two lying dead at the side of the road, but the latter seem to be enjoying good health.

I still suffer from dis-orientation – after months of cheap living, I am completely shocked by the prices here (Sydney is regarded as the most expensive city in the world); while most Asian countries don’t really care if you kill yourself crossing the road, life here is full of specific instructions of how to behave; and the ubiquitous free Wifi in Asia is conspicuously absent in a lot of places in Australia, which I find astonishing. But in exchange, I now have drinkable tap water, reliable electricity, and a „civilized“ life, and the first haircut in nearly 9 months (Timo, eat your heart out!). IMG_2516

Talking about Asia: Most cheap airlines in Asia don’t really worry too much about the weight limit of carry on luggage, but Tigerair in Australia has very rigid rules. For my brief inner-Australian trip, I was only carrying part of my luggage, but was still 1.4 kilos „overweight“. The nice woman at the counter didn’t mind (and practically helped me) when I put on all my clothes, hid my handbag underneath the resulting 10 layers, and rolled through the weight control looking like a pregnant Michelin Man. Thank you, Tigerair :).

Sydney, Harbour Bridge

Sydney, Harbour Bridge

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

Driving on the Golden Highway, NSW

Driving on the Golden Highway, NSW

Dead trees in a water reservoir, Golden Highway

Dead trees in a water reservoir, Golden Highway

Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains[/caption]


I’ve spent the last days with dear friends in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Melbourne; have stuffed myself with meat (cangaroo!!) and guzzled a lot of wine (much too much, but there are months to make up for); felt happiness at having a car again when roaring up the Pacific Highway to the Hunter Valley; celebrated my birthday with friends, kangaroo and wine at a restaurant in Sydney (together with three other birthday girls!) ;Birthday Girl checked out the lifeguards on Bondi Beach; and am now preparing to fly to Brisbane and drive up North to Cairns.

Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art in the NGV in Melbourne

Sydney - different perspective

Sydney – different perspective


Inside the Sydney Opera House

Inside the Sydney Opera House

"Wenn jemand eine Reise tut…" When someone travers, they have something to tell...

“Wenn jemand eine Reise tut…” Travellers have something to tell…


Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Life here is certainly different, I enjoy the modern comforts, and most importantly: I can talk again and am (mostly) understood and understand, and I am no longer „the blond woman from the country where they grow money on trees“ (so to speak) – anonymity can be so very nice.
Wine tour in the Hunter Valley

4 responses to “Waltzing with Matilda

    • Hi Val, thank you! I’ll be heading to the Aurovalley Ashram, at the foothills of the Himalayas and near the Ganges, in Uttrakhand. Do you already know where you’ll be heading? If not, perhaps check out Aurovalley – have not been there myself yet, but a friend has who’s returning and asked me if I wanted to join.

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