The Spirit Person

Khaing Zar and I

Khaing Zar and I

The first weekend back in Myanmar I went with Khaing Zar’s family to a village about 2 hours drive from Yangon; Khaing Zar was trying to find teachers for her school. In this village, there were quite a few people who’d probably never seen a blonde, fair skinned person (although, at this point, I should say that the blonde is fighting a losing battle against nature, and the fair skin was hardly visible under a layer of dust after two hours on an open lorry over untarred roads, which also explains the windswept looks).

Many people were really happy to see a foreigner, waved and shouted Hello, I was invited for tea, got a special viewing through a monastery, received presents – and this during a very short walk through the village. There were other looks too though – I can imagine that witches were looked at like this in olden times (now I can hear some friends and one brother in particular say: We always knew it!). As funny as it may sound – but it isn’t really fun when people stare at you nearly horrified because of the colour of your skin or hair. A new experience for me, but of course an experience countless other people have had.

There was a spirit person in the village, who apparently could tell the past, present and future, including numerology and palmistry. It sounded promising, and an experience I did want to have. So we went there. Unfortunately, the spirit also seemed thrown by my Caucasian appearance; there were only two vague sayings about my wedding (or not, it wasn’t quite clear), and my friends (or not, it also wasn’t quite clear). For any more predictions, it wanted to have more money, but in view of the scant information I declined. I am afraid my skepticism is obvious on the pictures (perhaps that’s what really threw the spirit).

My personal spirit

My personal spirit

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