Thean Hou and Prediction of Future, Kuala Lumpur

Thean Hou Tempel copyThe Thean Hou Temple – apparently one of the most beautiful in the country, ca. 3 km south of the city center. Dedicated to the Heavenly Mother, Thean Hou, with the Goddess of Mercy and the Goddess of the Waterfront to her right and left; plus a laughing buddha, and some other statues.

The beauty of the place, the deeply felt devotion of the people, and just generally the atmosphere and feeling of the place deeply impressed me.

One of the candels I lighted – they are supposed to be lucky.

I really challenged my luck with one of the soothsaying sticks – they don’t always relay good news. You take all the sticks in your hands, let them drop back, and for some reason (perhaps someone can explain it to me), one always sticks out. My number was 24, the little drawers contain the future. Here is mine:
„Happiness after spell of sufferings.
With reverses and set-backs gone, dawn is now descending on you. It is the beginning of a bright and promising future. Don’t let it slip away.“ Alright then!

By the way – 2014 is the Year of the Horse. I am a horse (graceful or otherwise) 🙂 All is well.

One response to “Thean Hou and Prediction of Future, Kuala Lumpur

  1. Great pictures Gudrun – so colourful! I’ve never been, but they really give a good impression of what it’s like there.

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