Salamat Pagi

I as a teacher

This weekend I attended a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) classroom training – the aim was to learn what to do when standing in front of ca. 40 questioning pairs of eyes somewhere in the big wide world, desperately trying to teach them English with a German accent. To this end, I’ve completed several certificates in the last weeks (grammar, classroom management, teaching with limited resources, etc. etc.), and this now was the last step to try and become something resembling a teacher.

We were ten pupils – coming from Germany and England – some also with the idea to try a world travel and teach, others to teach English in Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt, and other places.

It was quite exhausting, but also good fun – especially the lunch and evening breaks, spent on the Christmas markets ;). Proof here:


Ah – Salamat Pagi means Good Morning in Bahasa Indonesian; this was used to show how to learn a language without knowing one word of it. At least – I hope it means Good Morning and nobody is feeling offended!

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